Wednesday, January 29, 2014

3 Ideas

Since talking about the weather has basically consumed all of our lives, I'll try and limit my commentary on the matter to just the basics.  

1. It's very cold.  
2. Every time I think the worst of it is probably behind us that turns out to be, in fact, not true.
3. I'm getting a little stir crazy.
4. Can't.  Can't do it.  Need it to be spring.  

As you can see, I'm working through a few weather-related issues…here's a few tips and tricks I'm attempting to employ to battle through it. 

1. I decided very early on in the week that I was gonna stay in the house for as much time as possible…you know, avoid the cold and the roads and all that nonsense whenever I could.  It was a very logical call, but I'm realizing it's definitely contributed to my near breakdown.  I'm still trying to be smart about when I leave and where I go but I'm also making some calculated trips above and beyond work and the grocery store.  Today I walked around Anthropologie for about ten minutes and I feel like it brought me back to life.

2. This may not be your favorite suggestion, but hear me out: while you're stuck inside, do the stuff you've been avoiding.  That annoying organizing/cleaning/sorting project you've been avoiding?  Tackle it while you don't have a ton of better options.  When the sun comes back out you really won't want to do whatever it is so turn that into motivation and get it done.

3. Looking for practical ways to beat the cold?  The Today Show reported on a few mostly ridiculous but definitely interesting gadgets…check out the story here.


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