Friday, October 28, 2011

Working For The Weekend

Last weekend I made four decisions that- even after just one week- already have me feeling like a new woman.  I'm so thrilled about them I can't help but you mind?  (Thanks, you guys are the sweetest.)
Decision 1) Be intentional about gratitude.  My pastor challenged us to take this week and write down three things we're thankful for at the end of each day and I've gotta say, it's been a wonderful exercise.  Since I cracked open a brand new journal just for the occasion I'm thinking I may just keep on keeping on for the weeks and months ahead.  It's been so rewarding to take a moment and reflect on the day's positive aspects instead of just obsess over what still needs to be done.  I'm telling you, it's worth a try.
Decision 2) Take some step of action every time I think of something that needs to be done- if possible, do it on the spot.  At the very least, put it immediately on the calendar.  And set an alarm (seriously).  I can't begin to tell you how this changed the dynamic of my week.
Decision 3) Don't say no to an activity just because you have to go alone.  Over the last few days I've gone to a Zumba class, attended an Anthropologie crafting event and participated in a curators lecture at the Frist Museum's Northern Renaissance painting exhibit...and yes, I was all by my lonesome.  And I survived.  And made a few new friends.  And I just couldn't be happier about it.
Decision 4) Keep my house looking seriously good.  This may sound crazy to you but it's amazing how closely my feelings about my house connect to my feelings about my life.  I've noticed the more out of whack my home, the more out of control other areas of my world began to feel.  The truth is, your house is one of the few areas of life you do have control over.  Sure, you might not be able to find the exact furniture you want and the crown molding of your dreams might be out of your price range but you do have the ability to remove clutter, disorganization and otherwise unhealthy factors from your house.  It'll require some hard work and discipline on your end but you can do it.  And if you did do it, you might just feel better.  I know I do.  Ridiculously better.  Re-organizing my house has quite literally changed my life by making me realize there's a big list of things I don't have to just throw up my hands in response to.  Hence all the decision making going on around here.  Anyway- phew- thanks for bearing with me, that was a lot.  I'm just feeling very happy and I thought you might want to know why :).  Just so you know, I'm rooting for you this weekend!  Hope it's an amazing one.  Enjoy the links!

So...this is amazing...

My future daughter's halloween costume?  Probably.

Monogram jewelry.  I'm digging it.

Will you guys still be my friends if I try out this look?  Cause I really want to.

Let's go do this...who's with me?!

This girl read my mind.  Had to be said.

Good to know...very good to know.

Ooooooooh.  I want all of these.

Why hello there perfect afternoon.

Long but hilarious radio interview starring- who else- Dinner and a Suit.  So proud of them.


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