Friday, July 30, 2010

Setting the Table Like a Pro

Every time I set the table the same exact thought goes through my head…how is it possible that I still don’t know the proper place to put this dagum fork?  I don’t know whether I reached my limit today or curiosity simply got the best of me, but I just had to look up how to create a “correct” table setting.  Apparently there are several schools of thought on the matter…my search for truth lead me to seek council from the highest authority in etiquette- the queen of class, Emily Post.  Here’s what I found:

Your place setting is determined by your meal…silverware is selected and placed based on the number and nature of courses.  For a casual meal, center a plate with it’s corresponding chair and put a napkin to the plate’s left.  The napkin’s fold goes inside of the place setting, closest to the plate.  If you’re using a triangle shape the point will face out…if you’re folding your napkin into a rectangle, the edge should.  On the left side, on top of the napkin, place your fork.  On the right side of the plate place the knife (cutting edge towards the plate), followed by the spoon to the right of the knife.  Finish by putting the water glass at a 45 degree angle to the center of the plate.  Voila!  A perfectly set table.

If you’re looking to set something even fancier, check out these images straight from the Emily Post Institute.  

Yes, some are guilty of using utensils in excess….but it makes the table feel special, don’t you think?  The general rule in using silverware is to work from the outside, in.  The utensils for the first appetizer should be furthest from the plate and progress through the meal accordingly.  No more than three of any type of utensil should be used in the place setting…if more are needed, they should be brought out as required.  It’s simple enough, huh?  I almost can’t wait to set the table tomorrow!


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