Friday, June 22, 2012

Working For The Weekend

The first week back from vacation usually goes in one of two pretty extreme directions...either you're miserable cause you miss vacation-land or you're recharged and ready to take on the world.  Luckily, during this past week I leaned more toward the latter.  While our vacation was more exciting than it was restful, it put me in such a great mood...and when you think about it, there's nothing that makes you feel more energetic than a good attitude.  I hope 1) you get a sprinkling of good mood in your day today 2) you get to live it up this weekend and celebrate the first few days of summer and 3) you enjoy the weekend links!  See you Monday!

I'm obsessed- obsessed- with this book at the moment.  It's so insightful!

Long live the digital flea market.


Gosh, I love this blog.

I think this is legitimately beautiful...considering the subject matter, this might be a cry for help.

Phenomenal gift idea!

Sometimes semi-pretentious food is just plain fun.  There, I said it.

So...I'd really like to go to this.  Anyone wanna come with?

What will they think of next?

Download this CD!  ASAP!


Nina said...

Yes Yes Yes!!!! I want to go with!!!

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