Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Paperweight Party

I miss paper.  There, I said it.  I hinted at it last week when I mentioned my phone fiasco, but it's time to be direct.  Don't get me wrong, the digital era is terribly convenient and all but these e-mails and e-vites and e-books are cramping my style.  And even though paperweights were relatively unnecessary when the world was covered in paper, they're just so pretty!  So, I present to you: a comprehensive collection of the coolest paperweights the world wide web has to offer.  Please to enjoy.

1. Anchor, John Derrian $60  2. Mint & Lapis Ikat, Stripe & Field $40  3. Cartolina White Flower, Parkside Paper & Gift $25  4. Cartolina Peacock, Parkside Paper & Gift $25  5. Red Apple, John Derrian $60  6. Ink Domino, Stripe & Field $40  7. Lapis & Ink Tattersall, Stripe & Field $40  8. Bulldog, John Derrian $60  9. Acrobat Pyramid, John Derrian $60  10. Cartolina Vintage Owl, Parkside Paper & Gift $25  11. Air Mail, John Derrian $60  12. Rose + Ink Tree of Life, Stripe & Field $40


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