Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

I absolutely loved my high school art teacher.  She had a hippy vibe, all kinds of passion and this incredibly memorable speaking voice I couldn't even begin to describe to you.  I haven't seen her in years, but I'll tell you what- I hear her voice every time I so much as think of an art term.  You say chiaroscuro...I hear Mrs. Maines.  Impressionism?  Mrs. Maines.  Juxtaposition?  A Mrs. Maines favorite!  Which explains why I couldn't stop hearing her while putting together this outfit.  Good 'ol juxtaposition...a prim and proper shirt with ripped jeans, pretty crystal studs adorned with gold spikes...every time I surveyed the final look it's all I could hear.  I tried to anchor the ensemble with some classic details and I'm psyched about the way it came together.  In fact, in an exciting twist, I'm wearing a similar look today.  Gotta practice what you preach!

1. Striped Cutaway Shirt, Topshop £32  2. Gold Scale Bangle, Miss Selfridge £14  3. &Squin Jeans, H&M $39.95  4. Gold Crystal Spike Earring, Miss Selfridge £5  5. Circle Ring, ASOS $14.32  6. Date at the Diner Scarf, Spotted Moth $14.99  7. Cat Eye Fame Snakeskin Sunglasses, Net-A-Porter $735  8. Pollard Sandals, Aldo $70  9. Miss Sartorial Karung Clutch, Net-A-Porter $1,385


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