Friday, January 13, 2012

Working For The Weekend

Earlier today I was thinking about the things I consider when I measure my week.  On a good week, I get spend a lot of time with the people I love (whether it's face to face or over the phone for all my far-away peeps).  I feel productive and excited about work.  I make lots of food.  And I have the perspective to see that even my bad weeks aren't so bad at all.  So, this week...the one that just ended- it was a good one.  Maybe even a great one (I've got the leftovers to prove it).  And- I don't know- this may just be the can-do spirit that tags along with the New year talking, but I'm thinking next week is gonna be pretty swell too (for both of worries, I'm taking you with me).  Enjoy your long weekend and be safe in the cold!

Fellow coffee lovers- this could be a game changer for us.

Pretty Little Book Covers.  A whole site of 'em.

I'd like to wear all of these...just lovely.

Went crazy over these!

Amazing idea...probably gonna do it at some point.

My kind of discount club.


My outrageously handsome & talented friend.  Prepare to swoon.

For whatever reason, I laughed about this for 20 minutes.

Oooooh...what word to choose, what word to choose....


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