Thursday, January 19, 2012

Art Deco (It's the Bees Knees)

I have a bone to pick with the movie Midnight in Paris (Did you see it?  Cause you absolutely should).  If their objective was to make me appreciate the time I was born in, they shouldn't have made Marion Cotillard's 1920's wardrobe so drop dead gorgeous.  Actions speak louder than words, Midnight in Paris...actions speak louder than words.  Consider this post an ode to compromise- a few modern items with some Art Deco flair.  Since dressing like a flapper everyday would be fun, but is (at least for now) out of the question, this'll have to do.

1. Anais Metallic Jacquard Dress, Milly $435  2. Crystal Earrings, Shop NBC $39.50  3. Clutch, Judith Leiber  4. Art Deco Pillow, Ralph Lauren Home  5. Savoy Bracelet, Jewel Mint $29.99  6. Christian Louboutin Daffodil, Barneys New York $1,095  7. F. Scott Fitzgerald Series, Coralie Bickford Smith  8.  Callia Diamond Deco Dessert Plate, Ralph Lauren Home $95


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