Thursday, January 26, 2012


I've been in a crazy, confectionery mood lately and- since weather always makes for a good scapegoat- I've decided to blame the rainy, gloomy sky.  It's not just about wanting to eat or even make sweets (although I did spend a good hour over the weekend researching macaroon techniques), I keep finding myself drawn to any and everything with sweet candy colors and sugar coated textures.  So, while a swipe of cotton candy nail polish might not totally satisfy my sweet tooth, at least it's smile inducing and calorie-free.  And that, I'm sure, is Princess Lolly and Queen Frostine approved.  

1. Cupcake Illustration, Etsy $25  2. Ice Cream Onsie, Little Lark  3. Candy Necklace, Amazon $10.79 for 24  4. Marie Therese Plum Chandelier, Tesco £40  5. Ippolita Earrings, Moda Operandi  6. Ring Pops, Amazon $20.74 for 40  7. River Island Pink Stripe Skinny Jean, Asos $71.62  8. Light of Dawn top, ModCloth $37.99  9. Mini Nostalgia Cotton Candy Maker, Infmetry $48.99


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