Friday, November 4, 2011

Working For The Weekend

Happy Friday, folks!  This past week was pretty eventful...from Halloween to Wicked to the very contained but very real fire in my kitchen Tuesday night (no worries, everything's okay) it certainly held it's fair share of excitement.  Speaking of excitement, I'm over the moon pumped about my weekend because my BFF is coming for a visit!  I've got many an adventure on the agenda...hope you've got a couple exciting things planned, too!  Enjoy the weekend links and let's catch up Monday, shall we?  

Good heavens, I need this.

I've been wearing my panini maker out lately.  Did a little research in the name of keeping things interesting.

Here's a little song I wrote, might want to sing it note for note...

This is just...beyond...

Can this be true??

This just popped up on my radar...gotta make it happen sooner than later.


I've never seen this before- so neat!

I know...Halloween is already over, but seriously- this cracked me up.

Good to know.


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