Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mirror, Mirror

Nashville has a lot of great things going for it, but one thing it does not have is an H&M.  Some days that seems more tragic than others...for example, the day I saw this dress I'm pretty sure I said a few not nice words.  I adore everything about this look, especially the fact that it's ladylike to the max.  Anyone lucky enough to see it in person or *gasp* buy it?  Is it as gorgeous as it looks?  Inquiring minds need to know...

1. Organic Hemp and Silk Dress, H&M $80  2. Aphrodite Gold Plated Tree Branch Necklace, Net-A-Porter $1,995  3. Bella Golden Shadow Earrings, Swarovski $75  4. Pave Hinge Bangle, Michael Kors $95  5. 1960 Nicole Glasses, House of Harlow $125  6. Faux Ponyskin Panel Lady Bag, Topshop £35  7. Laminated Heel Sandal, Zara $89


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