Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The 12 Cards of Christmas

Just a heads up- when I get married and have kids, I'm totally gonna be the person that sends out Christmas photos of her color-coordinated family to any and everyone.  It's just cheesy enough to be delightful and you'll never convince me otherwise.  Now, since I can't dazzle the world with my adorable children just yet, I'll have to stick to dazzling them with my superior stationary-picking skills (totally the same thing, right?).  I searched high and low and I'll tell you what- if these aren't the most smile-inducing Christmas cards you've ever seen then I give up.    

1. Winter Foliage Cards, Rifle Paper Co. $95 for 25 personalized cards  2. Happy and Delightful Holiday Cards, Sugar Paper $34 for 10  3. Season's Greetings Mosaic, Egg Press $5  4. Christmas Gram, Etsy $3.75  5. Merry & Bright Card, Etsy $4.81  6. Illustrated Vintage Holiday Cards, Rifle Paper Co. $85 for 25 personalized cards  7. Kaleidoscope Christmas Card, Egg Press $3.50  8. Holiday Octopus, Paper Source $12.50 for 10  9. The Merriest Set, Etsy $18 for 6  10. Tis the Season Christmas Card, Etsy $9 for 10  11. 'Tis the Season Card, Rifle Paper Co $4  12. Peace Love & Joy Letterpress Cards, Hour of Nine $18 for 8


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