Monday, November 14, 2011

Society6 Obsessed

So what's my latest obsession?  So glad you asked.  It's a little (and by little I mean huge) website called Society6.  After getting sucked in for a few hours over the weekend, here's what I know.  1) It's a collaboration of- literally- thousands of artists around the world.  2) The only thing more outrageous than the prices (so inexpensive) is the selection.  They sell crazy unique prints, stretched canvases and -get this- iPhone cases.  Which is kind of a big deal, because I've never seen a case I liked.  Ever.  Dramatic?  Yes.  But also true.  I literally had to pull myself away from the computer because there are thousands...upon thousands...upon thousands of pages.  Don't ask me to pick a favorite print.  I tried, failed and declare it to be impossible.

 6. Letterpress  7. Corteo 8. Heron's Head  9. America  


Lee Oliveira said...

Yes please for number 4
Lee x

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