Friday, August 26, 2011

Table for Twelve: Garden Tea Party

I wanted the summer's last Table for Twelve to be special...really special.  After a few brainstorming sessions, we decided what better way to bid summer adieu than with a big, floral bang?  My Mom and I hosted a garden tea party at my parents' South Jersey home and, for the first time ever, extended an invitation to a few faithful Design-Muse readers.  The resulting afternoon was lovely, personified.  I'm a big believer that any day that includes flowers, delicate food, tea and your grandmother's china has no choice but to be fabulous.  Our mismatched, antique place settings were a big hit, as were the napkin brooches (handmade by my talented Aunt Evelyn).  We decorated tables with hydrangeas, daisies and greens, all fresh from my Dad's garden.  The overall look was so dainty and feminine- exactly what I envisioned for our beautiful outdoor fête.

The food was, perhaps, my favorite part of the whole afternoon.  We filled the gazebo with crisp, white tablecloths, satin, an abundance of chandeliers and a wide assortment of finger foods.  There was mini quiche, lavender cupcakes, Watermelon gazpacho, Waldorf chicken salad, summer crostini, tassies and butterballs, madeline cookies, fresh fruit, cream puffs, a chocolate fountain and- of course- plenty of tea and scones.  We filled teacups with greenery and assorted garden surprises and used them to label each of the dishes.  It was ladylike to the fact, I'm sitting up a little straighter just remembering it.

By the time the guest list was completed we'd invited a lot of women...

 ..., but I couldn't imagine the day without every last one of them present.  I so appreciated their enthusiasm to be a part of this event!  Armed with only paper fans, they soaked up some serious sun and didn't mutter a single complaint.  Are they wonderful, or what?  As a small thank you for their support, everyone went home with the brooch from their place setting and a selection of artisan tea.

As I walked around admiring all the beautiful sundresses and watching ladies laugh and sip their tea, I was just so...happy.  It was the perfect way to spend the day- surrounded by incredible women enjoying a girly afternoon.

Thanks again to everyone who pitched in to help make the day so lovely.  For more information on this party or any of our other extravaganzas  (Pool Party, Sugary Sweet Goodbye PartyPicnic in the Park, Royal Wedding, Breakfast at Tiffany'sValentine's name a few)  or to find out about Design-Muse's party planning services, contact me here.  


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