Friday, August 5, 2011

Que Bella

Jess and I took a bit of an unconventional road trip last weekend to visit my best friend, DawnChere's, Louisiana hometown.  We had an amazing time eating her favorite foods, spoiling her beautiful niece, playing board games with her friends, having deep discussions with her parents and going out on the lake with her brothers.  The only thing that was missing was...well...DawnChere.  Which seems kind of crazy, right?  I mean...who does that?  (Apparently the answer is 'Jessie and I'.)  The only way I can explain it is to say that somewhere along the way we realized that her family isn't just nice or fun, they're absolute Godsends.  Luckily they're sweet enough to enjoy our company and DC is gracious enough to let us borrow them every so often because we adore spending time with every last one of them.  The only downside to the deal is that now, instead of just missing DawnChere like crazy, I miss all of them.  But the perks outweigh the bummers by far...speaking of perks- check out our weekend.


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