Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back to School

Going back to school was always equal parts fun and traumatizing for me.  Even though it meant summer was over, it was still exciting to get to reconnect with friends, go on a mini shopping spree and (perhaps the most exciting of all) buy fun school supplies.  I've got a looooot of teachers in my life these days, so "back to school" is still a very real part of our lives.  And I'll be totally honest- I'm a little jealous of the school supplies.  It's ridiculous, I know, but I think Office Max, Staples and the like are a little pieces of heaven and I miss the opportunity to raid their shelves annually.  I mean, check out these gems!  Can you blame me?! :)

1. "The New Black" Pencil Set, Fred & Friends $6  2. Maru Calculator, Moss Online $85  3. Magenta Tape Dispenser, Poppin $8  4. Velvet Lined Journal, Designwallas $11  5. Yellow Scissors, Poppin $8  6. Orange Ruler, Poppin $5  7. Walking Day Trip Backpack, Modcloth $64.99  8. Sushi Stapler, Urban Outfitters  9. Penguin Paperclips, Modcloth $7.99


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