Wednesday, June 30, 2010

You Can: Re-Cover a Chair Seat

If yesterday’s post left you with a fabulous new table but un-presentable chairs, have no fear…we’ve got you covered today.  If you’ve got a screwdriver, staple gun, scissors and some fabric, you can have brand new chairs by this afternoon.  I came across an excellent article on eHow that gives a detailed play by play of the process.  Click here to check it out.  It’s encouraging to see how easy the ‘how’ is, but the real fun comes with the “what”….there are so many amazing materials you can cover your “new” chairs with.  Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

Use a Large Tea Towel

Tea Towels may seem like unconventional choice, but they have a lot of potential to yield a great result.  Not only are they durable fabric, by their very nature they must contain an interesting design in a small space.  Pick a stylish pattern or image you love and enjoy!

Recycle an Old Favorite T-Shirt

To create a very informal chair, dig through that old box of t-shirts you’ll never wear again yet can’t bring yourself to throw away for whatever reason.  Give your favorites a good wash, then choose an area to use for your project.  

Visit Your Local Fabric Store

Of course, the most logical resort is to take a trip to the nearest fabric store and see what kind of extraordinary surprises they have waiting for you.  Consider interesting (but comfortable) textures, patterns and colors.  If you’re re-covering a set of chairs you can even coordinate different fabrics for each a’la Monica’s famed apartment on Friends.  


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