Thursday, June 3, 2010

Carried Away

As a franchise, ‘Sex and the City’ is really, really good at two things.  The first is articulating feelings most every woman has experienced or can relate to, the second is product placement.  I know this to be true because I am a sucker for both.  (In my slight defense, I am a female writer with a very tight knit group of female friends and an intense love for city life and fashion- so Carrie, right!? ).  I never really watched ‘Sex and the City’ until it’s tamer TBS counterpart came out, and even with the edits it’s sometimes still a little much for me.  Nevertheless, when the movies were released I called my best friends, donned my highest heels and joined the millions of other women across the world who made a girls night out of seeing them.  While the plot of the most recent movie hasn’t exactly received glowing reviews, I can tell you one thing- the interior design was on point!  Since the companies involved paid who knows how many millions of dollars to be included, I figured I’d help them get their money’s worth and let you know where to find a few of the fabulous items seen in the movie.

Carrie’s Apartment Before and After

Until this last movie installment, Carrie’s focus in the show has always been solely on fashion so her apartment was intentionally made somewhat dumpy.  Apparently marrying Mr. Big helped her move up in the world, because this time around her bachelorette pad received quite a few upgrades.  Although the paint is custom mixed, it’s closest match is Benjamin Moore’s Electric blue.  

The plum and cream rug is a Marni design from 
The Rug Company and the tables are from ABC Carpet and Home.  The whole apartment is clean and crisp, but I’m glad they added a little pizzaz through the art wall.  The one thing that remained the same is probably every girl’s favorite part- Carrie’s closet!

Carrie and Big’s Apartment

Carrie and Big have two apartments, one they share as well as Carrie’s old apartment (apparently depressed real estate markets effect real and imaginary people alike).  Their shared apartment is where things get really fantastic. 

The living room is centered around a couch is from Montauk Sofa.  Although you don’t get a clear view of it from this picture, the “Candy Flower” rug is by Marniand actually very pretty.  The coffee table covering it is by Ninfea.  

The dining room is made up of a 1940’s French Mahogany table from Alan Moss, and an oxidized metal chandelier by Property.  The pretty chairs are custom made with a fabric from Lee Jofa.

Big and Carrie’s room holds a headboard upholstered with fabric by Kravet.  The bedding is from Anichini and Neutral Rococo Stripe wallpaper is from Cole & Son from Lee Jofa.  

I love the glass-blown chandelier by Lindsey Adelman Studio in the hallway- it’s a great piece!  But again, the best part of any Carrie Bradshaw apartment will always be the closet.  I love, love, love the closet.


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