Friday, June 11, 2010

Savannah Bound!

Well…I’m off on another adventure- as of 6:45 this morning I’m heading to Savannah, Georgia for a fun filled girls weekend with my Aunt and cousins.  I’ve never been to Savannah so I spent the past week doing a little bit of research on what I should expect.  Turns out, it’s one of the oldest cities in America and arguably the seat of Southern luxury.  Jackpot.  My enthusiasm for seeing the distinctive architecture and inevitably gorgeous Southern mansions is surpassed only by my eagerness to eat the fabulous food I’ve heard so much about from my cousins (food pretty much always comes out on top).  Of all the places I researched, I’m most excited to visit The Mansion on Forsyth Park, a magnificently restored Victorian hotel in the Historic District.  After reading the hotel’s description online (which included phrases like “onyx marble lobby” “trees dripping with Spanish moss” and “400 pieces of original artwork”) and browsing through a few pictures I pretty much instantly fell in love with the space.  Here are some of the rooms I’m most excited to see!


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