Thursday, June 10, 2010

Improve Your Home for $50 or Less

If the design of your home isn’t what you’d call ideal, take a second to ponder what’s keeping you from sprucing it up.  Chances are, your answer had something to do with cold hard cash…even if you have a lot of it, it’s not always easy to part with.  After all, if creating the house of your dreams was free, we’d all do it- right?  Unfortunately, I can’t Bibity-Bobity-Boo your fantasy home into existence, but I have come up with a few very inexpensive changes that will make a big difference…in fact, here are a few suggestions that cost $50 or less.  Please to enjoy.   

If you don’t have the time, money, skill or energy to re-paint your house but have walls plagued by scuff marks and other surface damage, try cleaning them with Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  I kid you not, they will change your life.  At less than $5 for a four pack they’re incredibly inexpensive and so effective it’s honestly shocking.  Watch them bring new life to your walls, tile grout, blinds or most any other surface without the use of any harsh chemicals.  I found a website that lists about 100 practical uses for these cleaning phenomenons- check it out here.

For a look that screams “Welcome Summer”, try adding sheer white curtains to your deck.  I know what you’re thinking- no way will that cost less than $50.  Amazingly enough, it can.  Amazon sells 7ft panels for about $4 a piece…while they’re not specifically made for outdoors they’ll do the trick just fine!  My parents added sheers to their front porch last summer and the results were spectacular.  They found the most effective method of hanging was to simply staple gun them inconspicuously to the wood.  This is one do-it-yourself project that’s as cheap as it is chic. 

If you have a large area of wall space to fill, an inexpensive alternative to art is a wall quote.  You can pick up a pre-designed quote from stores like Hobby Lobby or Target for less than $20, or fully customize your own in any shape, size or color for around $30-$50 on a website like Wall Written.  Check out our previous post on Wall Quotes for more information! 

Visit Homegoods- if you’re looking to stretch a few dollars there’s no place like it.  Think about the gaps in your home’s design- what kind of pieces would really pull your look together? For $50 you could walk away with any combination of accent pillows, frames, vases, and other home accessories that will make a huge difference in your space.

If all else fails, go the same route women have taken to improve their looks for centuries: candlelight.  Whether they’re lit or not, candles bring atmosphere to a room- especially en masse.  If you go to a store like Walmart or Big Lots, $50 could go a long way.  Try filling a fireplace that’s not in use with pillar candles of various heights, or use an assortment to make a centerpiece for your coffee table.  You’ll be surprised how much life they bring.


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