Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To Re-Finish or Not to Re-Finish?

     Today…I’m feeling very certain that anything is possible.  While this isn’t too far off from my thoughts regarding just about any given day I’m especially sure of it right now.  After weeks of frustration, weeping and nashing of teeth my quasi-web-literacy has prevailed.   Today marks the day I was finally able to get pictures of artisan cabinetry samples up on the Lillian’s Paintbrush website.  While I’m sure that may not seem like a big deal to you, to me it felt worthy of a victory dance.  I’m so excited about it I absolutely had to share the link with you…not just because I consider figuring out how to do it a small personal victory, but also because the pictures are absolutely gorgeous.  Check it out here!  

     While we’re on the topic of cabinetry, I wanted to pass on a few thoughts.  Cabinets are a pretty big ticket item…if you’re in the market for new ones then prepare to spend a pretty penny.  In fact if you’re looking to replace your cabinets altogether, you’ll probably have to shell out anywhere between $20,000-$30,000…and that may even be a conservatively low estimate.  Don’t forget, however- you do have a options!  Whether you’re thinking about replacing the cabinet doors and fronts altogether, having a veneer installed, or painting or re-staining existing cabinets, you can manage to cut your costs by as much as 90%.  

     There are many plus sides to cabinet re-facing and not all of them have to do with money.  Another benefit is convenience and the fact that your kitchen remains usable throughout the renovation process.  Another still is quality, in many cases, old cabinets were built with better materials than new ones so you run the risk of spending a lot of money to essentially downgrade.  To be fair, there are a few reasons you should consider replacing cabinets completely.  If you have metal cabinets that are rusting, it’s probably smart to start from scratch….same goes for severely damaged wood.  If the cabinet layout, depth or size is the problem, then new cabinets are more than likely the best option.  But if you’re just going for a new look, don’t underestimate a professional’s ability to completely transform your space using the cabinets you already have and a little elbow grease.  With the right contractor or painter just about anything you can think up is possible.


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