Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mirror, Mirror

I so don't want to be that annoying friend who won't stop bringing up the same topic over and over but- until the end of this week at least- the topic is Italy and I am that friend.  I just can't help myself!  In an effort to keep the references to a minimum I'll only mention that I picked up a gorgeous bag in Florence that looks nearly identical to the bag below.  It was one of my only real "souvenirs" from the trip but it's quickly become the best every day bag I've ever owned.  I was itching to buy a pair of these sandals before my trip but then decided against it last minute (it just seemed too I really want to be the girl touring the Coliseum in gladiator sandals?).  I may pick up a pair to wear through the beginning of fall, however...with a simple, breezy outfit like today's Mirror, Mirror they look so sharp!

1. Silk Swing Dress, Top Shop $180  2. Caramel Leather Tote, Cuyana $150  3. Gold Tassel Necklace, Bauble Bar $142  4. Rotary Watch, Asos $185.64  5. Holek Gladiator Sandals, Aldo $100


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