Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mirror, Mirror

I've always loved the silhouettes of the 1960's but I've been especially enamored with them since discovering a TV station that is basically one big Bewitched marathon (best discovery ever, by the way).  This get-up is far more referential than costume-y, which is always the goal.  I think Samantha herself would approve!

1. Nallie Floral Print Pants, Malene Birger  2. Coast Luxe Scarf, Lyst $35  3. Sleeveless Roll Neck Shell Tops, Topshop $64  4. Alcantara Clutch, Luis Viaroma $451  5. Cobalt Heels, Zara  6. Star Ring, Maison de Morgana $45.99  7. Vanina Earrings, Luis Viaroma $159


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