Thursday, March 8, 2012

Friends Are Friends Forever

Throughout college, my roommates and I didn't have cable...what we did have, however, was ten glorious seasons of Friends DVDs that we kept on a pretty steady rotation.  Through no fault of my own, this resulted in me becoming a foremost expert on the topic of Friends trivia...a trivia wizard if you will.  I didn't realize how deeply it had permeated our lives until my roommate and I were deciding what movie to watch one night.  She said, "We should get Miss Congeniality...which one of our friends loves that?" to which I was forced to respond "...Chandler" (and, for the record, I was right).  You would think confusing the cast of Friends with our actual friends would've been enough to stop the madness that was our obsession, but it wasn't.  To this day I love the show and can't make it through a single episode without cracking up.  I grabbed a few Friends inspired pieces as well as a couple items I think the gang would love.  Any fellow fanatics out there?

1. The OCD Chef Cutting Board, ThinkGeek $25.99  2. Aux Buttes Chaumont Jouets Vintage Advertising Poster, Pop Art UK £23.98  3. Cropped Leather Skinny Pants, Net-A-Porter $259.20  4. Dinosaur Onsie, Etsy  5. Miss Congeniality, Amazon $5.65  6. Central Perk Mug, Amazon  7. Mini Penguin Plush Toy, Birthday in a Box $2.99  8. You're My Lobster Print, Etsy $12  9. Vintage 70's Mid Century Modern Turfted Sofa, Vieux Sofas


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