Friday, March 22, 2013

Working For The Weekend

So guess how I'm starting my day this morning...go ahead, take your best shot.  I'm sure the first thing that came to mind was ballet boot camp, right?  Because if it was, you are correct!  I'm heading to ballet boot camp (if I keep saying it, perhaps I'll get used to the idea) with my dancer friend, Nina, and ten other ballerinas I'm selfishly hoping are in terrible shape.  To date, my only experience with ballet lasted just long enough for me to get one yellow-tutu-clad performance of "Mama's Little Ducklings" in.  Needless to say it's about to get interesting.  By the time the weekend actually gets going, however, it should be smooth sailing.  Anything exciting happening on your end?  Hope it's wonderful...enjoy the links!

 I'm about to meet.  To date, my experience with th

Hmm...I'm listening...

So interesting.  I wanna go!

You know I'd sign up for this in a second.

Pumped to check this out...

Obsessed with her style.

Love these Easter eggs!

Yup.  Amazing.

I so highly recommend this cd.  P.S. #2 is my fave.


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