Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mirror, Mirror

Would it even be possible to be in a bad mood whilst wearing this outfit?  I'm thinking no.  There's a lot happening in terms of color and pizazz so I went way simple on jewelry.  It's most certainly over the top and a terrible choice for anyone looking to fade into the background, but I know quite a few ladies who would make this look like ten million dollars.  

1. Mid Rise Skinny Jeans, Victoria Beckham Denim $240  2. Disco Ball Peplum, Topshop  3. Serpui Marie Woven Minaudiere, Shopbop $187  4. Korres Lipstick, Sephora $18  5. Crystal Square Studs, Michael Kors $52  6. Leather Slippers, Zara $89.90  7. Heart Shaped Sunglasses, Rakuten $1.99  8. Geometric Print Scarf, Zara $35.90


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