Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mirror, Mirror

I'm back in Nashville, ladies and gents!  My NYC/ Philly/Jersey/Washington D.C. trip was wholly delightful but, like all great trips, it's left me in a slight daze.  I need a day or two to shake it off, then it'll be business as usual (or maybe even better than business as usual!) around these parts...promise.  Today's Mirror, Mirror might be slightly ahead of it's time in the warmth category (ten minutes in those shoes right now and I'd be frozen solid) but hey, a girl can dream.  And the purse is a definite fave of mine...I just love interesting pieces like that.  Anything in particular stick out for you?

1. Printed Silk Maxi Dress, Chloe $2,995  2. Cross Earrings, ASOS $10.17  3. Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses, Stella McCartney $212  4. Black Boucle Jacket, Miss Selfridge $61  5. Enameled Resin Perfume Show Clutch, Lanvin $3,610  6. Mirrored Cork Wedges, Emilio Pucci $1,622  7. Metallic Collar Necklace, ASOS $42.39


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