Friday, November 9, 2012

Working For The Weekend

Attention, attention: if you don't count the weekend (which, for the purpose of this announcement I'm choosing not to do) we've made it through opening week at the salon!  I mean seriously, how great is that?  And while my office has taken longer than I hoped it would to get together, it should be completely finished by the beginning of next week.  If exploding from excitement was an actual possibility, I'd be living in fear.  We're still waiting on a few key pieces of furniture, but I may need to sneak you guys a few pictures next week.  Sound like a good plan?  Hope your weekend is just too good in every possible way...enjoy the links!

Did I go see the midnight premiere of this last night?  Maybe...(I did and it was incredible)

Gonna put this to good use for sure.

How 'bout that Dez Duron?!  I'm gonna need you guys to stay on your voting game this week!

Well this is happening soon.

What a killer DIY...

Nashville!  Get in on this action!


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