Friday, November 16, 2012

Working For The Weekend

Reflections on my first week working from my new office are as follows:
-This is surreal.
-I'm exceptionally thankful.
-I know all your secrets, Nashville...I work in a salon now and the gossip flows free!
-It's really cold in here...bring extra layers.
-This week was great.  I bet next week will be even better.

I think this whole deal will really hit me after I roll out my list of styling packages just after Thanksgiving.  It's about to get real, folks.  (Speaking of which, keep said styling packages in mind when you're planning your Christmas shopping!)  As for this weekend, you'll find me hanging out with my BFF Jess who's visiting for Thanksgiving and counting down the hours until my parents get here (gosh, I miss them).  Hope your weekend is perfect...enjoy the links!

Love this idea.

I'm confused about how awesome I think these are...

Yup.  Want these.

A honey tasting, eh?  I'm listening...

This is dangerous.

Just too cool.

Gotta get this and fill it.

What can't she do?!

This is either the best or worst idea ever.


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