Friday, November 30, 2012

Working For The Weekend

Christmas is a marathon not a sprint, folks...and I think it's safe to say said marathon has begun.  I'm using this weekend to write my list and check it twice, start my shopping and drink no less than three cups of hot chocolate.  Preferably by a fire of some kind.  I'm particularly fond of this weeks links so I really hope you enjoy them.  Have the holly-est, jolly-est weekend and I'll see you Monday!

Is it bad that I'm seriously considering doing this?

We may need to have a longer discussion about this later...I'm obsessed.

Proud of your state?  Prove it.

The ultimate party dress.


Just...beyond genius!

So sweet...

The least DIY-looking DIY present I've ever seen.

These shoes.  I just.  I can't.



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