Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas

While most of my posts are very intentional and thought through, I've gotta tell you...this one came about a little differently. Let me set the scene for you...I'm browsing the world wide web, as is my daily custom, and I see a set of earrings that reminds me of two turtle-doves. Obviously, this instantly makes me think of the twelve days of Christmas, which of course leads to me saying- out loud- to myself- "I wonder if I can find presents that corresponds with all Twelve days of Christmas in an equally literal way". It's not a totally unique idea nor is it even a great idea to be honest (who really wants that many bird items? No one. Better to do an interpretation of the twelve days using presents the recipient that's a gift), but somehow it managed to get a grip on me. I ended up uncovering a couple cool items, so I figured...what the hey...why not share my findings? I had to fudge the parameters a bit to make a few fit, but since I'm the one that makes the rules, I think it's safe to say I can break them without worrying too much. The four calling birds is totally my's four birds on an iPhone case...get it? I'm just too witty for my own good, folks.

1. Partridge in a Pear Tree Pillow, Crate&Barrel  2. Tail Feather Bird Stud Earrings, TopShop £5  3. Three French Hen Cards, Kate Spade $24  4. Four Calling Birds iPhone Case, Society6 $35  5. Alphabet Rings, Catbird $88  6. Six Geese a Laying Card, Cards for Good Causes £3.35  7. Seven Swans Sufjan Stevens CD, Amazon $13  8. Half Pint, Fred & Friends  9. Just Dance 3, Walmart $29.96 10. The Nutcracker, Amazon $20.99  11. Pipe Candlesticks, Granit  12. Remix Wooden Spoon Set, ModCloth $11.99


reub-envision said...

how fun
the i-phone case is superb
I made 12 days of Christmas inspired cards this year

Anonymous said...

super-creative, like always :)

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