Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pretty, Pretty Present

Great news- not only did I survive my wisdom teeth removal, I got through it without incident.  I'm still a little chipmunk-y but the worst is over and it was, most certainly, not as bad as I was expecting.  In fact, if everything keeps progressing at this rate, I should be ready to feast come Christmas (which is my primary goal of...life, at the moment).  Speaking of Christmas (let's be honest, it's late December...who isn't speaking of Christmas?), how's your shopping coming along?  I made a lot of progress over the weekend, although some was made while I was pretty heavily medicated, so there's really no telling what's gonna show up at my door over the next few days.  I picked up a few extra cool wrapping accessories this year, so I'm pumped to get this show on the road.  All the pieces below got two thumbs up during my search but you'll have to check out my Twitter (@designmuseblog) to see what I picked to grace the presents I put under the tree this year.

1. Merry Christmas Gift Tags, The Container Store $3.49 each  2. Zinc Christmas Tree Tags, Terrain $12  3. Bakers Twine, Terrain $18  4. Gold Glitter Ribbon, The Container Store $8.99  5. Red & Ivory Paper Bows, World Market $4.48 for 2  6. Marimekko Kastehelmet Gift Tags, Crate & Barrel $2.96 for 3  7. Etoile Velvet Ribbon, Anthropologie $8.40  8. Christmas Yarn, The Container Store $12.99 each  9. For You Gift Tags, Christmas $9.95 for 8  10. Snowball Ribbon, The Container Store $4.99


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