Monday, December 12, 2011

The Tacky Christmas Sweater Solution

So, it's time for some real-talk about tacky sweater Christmas parties.  In theory, they're an awesome idea...put on what is essentially a costume and take hilarious pictures with your friends.  What could be more fun?  In my experience, however, when a girl tells me about a tacky Christmas sweater party, what she's really saying is "I plan on dressing as adorably as possible".  When I read between the lines with an invite from a guy, I hear "I'll more than likely show up in exactly what I'm wearing right now due to a combination of laziness and indifference."  I've played the role of sole-tacky-representative more times than I can in point, me and a few girls from my college sorority at a so-called Christmas sweater party.  Yeah...that would be me in the embroidered vest.  Looking good, Gabs.

My enthusiasm for dressing up knows no bounds, however, and I just can't bring myself to disregard a party theme entirely.  For that reason, I'm sure I haven't seen the last of my friends' "wow, you actually wore a Christmas sweater" startled expressions.  Next time, however, I'm rocking something like one of the pieces below...silly but still kind of awesome.  Live and learn, friends.  Live and learn. 
(P.S.- I posted a close up picture of my killer Christmas vest on Twitter.  Check it out @designmuseblog)

1. Reindeer Merino Wool Sweater, 3.1 Phillip Lim $385  2. Intarsia Leggins, Free People $48  3. Bow Stud Earrings, Kate Spade  4. Reindeer Ring, Verameat  5. Sweater Socks, Target $10  6. Oversized Orange Sweater, Wanelo $38.99


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