Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve Checklist

T-minus one day ‘til Thanksgiving and boy oh boy am I excited.  We’ve been planning, shopping and cooking for days…I can say with confidence that something delicious this way comes.  You’ve got the rest of today and a little bit of time tomorrow before Thanksgiving dinner officially begins.  Use your time wisely and don’t let odds and ends fall through the cracks!  As promised, here are few tips and reminders for your perusing pleasure.

-Unload the dishwasher before guests arrive.  This one is important!
-Empty the trash and consider double or triple lining it…that way when you empty the trash, another bag is already in place.
-Use foil any and everywhere for a snappy (and happy) clean-up.
-Clean your fridge so there’s room for the best leftovers of the year.
-Double check the toilet paper situation in your guest bathroom(s).
-Designate and area for coats…will you need extra hangers?  
-If you’re not accustomed to the pitter patter of little feet, the idea of childproofing your home might be easy to overlook.  Keep your miniature guests in mind and cover outlets, move breakable items placed on low shelves and ensure your home is safe for kids.


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