Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Survival Kit of the Fittest

There are two sides to every coin…exhibit A: Thanksgiving.  On one hand, it’s the biggest meal of the year which is fantastic.  Unfortunately, that also means it’s the biggest clean-up of the year.  Spills and dishes and garbage, oh my!  If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner (or if you’re the family’s token ‘prepared one’) then it might help to put together a small cleaning kit in advance.  Aside from the obvious cleaning items (dishwashing detergent, trash bags, etc.) here are some things you might consider gathering.

1)Disposable Tupperware:  The trick is to choose some you don’t ever care to see again.  Kiss them goodbye and use then to send leftovers home with family and friends.
2)Stain fighters: Grab a Tide-to-go stick (for sloppy guests), all-purpose spot carpet and upholstery cleaner, red wine remover, and talcum powder or cornstarch (to pre-treat oil based stains).  Remember- stains should be addressed immediately and blotted, not rubbed, for best results.
3)Waiter’s crumb scraper: Is it just me, or would that make cleaning up kind of fun?
4)Towel and iron: Great for removing candle wax from the carpet or tablecloth.
5)Items to bribe or blackmail guests into helping with the clean-up….just kidding…unless you can make it work, of course. 

Check back tomorrow for a last-minute Thanksgiving Checklist.  We’re oh so close to Turkey Day, ladies and gents!


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