Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rockett St George

I have GOT to show you something, but first you have to promise you won’t be upset.  One of my lovely cousins recently brought Rockett St George, a to-die-for fabulous home decorating store, to my attention.  I visited their website and within 30 seconds was ready to fill my “cart” to capacity.  You would think there wouldn’t be a downside here, but you would be wrong.  The problem is this- said store is in London!  Due to outrageous shipping issues and terrible exchange rates, essentially everything I’m about to show you is incredibly difficult to come by here in the United States.  When you see how fabulous this store is, you’ll understand the tragedy at hand.  I considered not introducing you to the forbidden fruit, but I quickly accepted the fact that some of these pieces are a must-see.  Check them out and enjoy!


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