Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trend Watch 2010

Happy September 1st!  As today is my self-proclaimed first day of Autumn, I felt it would be a good time to share the up and coming Fall 2010 home décor trends.  If there’s one source I know I can wholeheartedly trust when it comes to reporting what’s hot in both fashion and home design, it’sNeiman Marcus.  Those of you who have accompanied me on a shopping adventure in the past know this to be true as it’s not uncommon for me to consult the Neiman Marcus website (via iPhone, in whatever store I happen to be in) and list aloud the trends I intend to participate in.  Trends in home design are a little trickier to navigate than those in the world of fashion because they require a little more commitment.  If we changed our mind about our sofa at the same rate we change our mind about our trousers (gotta be Bootcut…no!  Skinny jeans….no!  Harem pants…) we’d be in trouble (and broke).  Nonetheless, indulging in a few home design trends can be a lot of fun.  Some may end up being timeless, others the equivalent of Avocado counters and orange shag carpet, but all give you the opportunity to let your home make a statement about you.  The key is to determine what you want yours to say.  This year’s trends are pretty broad, so chances are you’ll find something that strikes your fancy.  All I can tell you is I’d like to shake the hand of the trend forecaster that picked out these styles because whoa…job well done.  And your Fall 2010 trends are (drum roll please…) 

Femme Fatale

Think Gothic Baroque, elaborate design, dark colors, high glamour, and high gloss. For an extremely affordable chandelier in the “Femme Fatale” style, check out High Fashion Home. This 24”x23” six-armed piece is just $131.

French Industrial

Think rustic, romantic, soft neutral colors with dark and light wood accents…bordering on Shabby Chic.  For a fun accent piece, visit apfelstrudel’s Etsy shop and pick up this one of a kind decorative box for $110.

Soft Focus 

Think mirrored furniture, lamps and accessories, as well as brushed silver, pearl, and crystal textures with light fabrics.  This mirrored dresser from Pottery Barn is a must have.

Spice Market

Think bohemian, ethnic, jewel tones and brights, golds and coppers, dark wood, and“Arabesque” patterns.  These Marrakech curtains from Anthropologie are $108-$168 (depending on size) and encapsulate the look beautifully.

Natural Zen

Think Asian influenced, clean lines, geometric patterns, wrought iron, with accents of natural wood textures.  Stacks and Stacks has a fantastic room divider that reeks of Zen for $129.  Pair it near some driftwood accessories and you’re golden.


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