Friday, September 3, 2010

Let's Get it Started

I’m happy to report that by the next time I sit down to write a post, my brother will be living here!  Between all the wallpaper removal, painting, and decorating that needs to be done in his new place, we’ve got quite the project ahead of us next week.  I can’t wait to share the before and after pictures…I already know it’s gonna be an amazing transformation.  If you’re contemplating re-doing an area in your home make sure you visit design-muse next week and visit it often!  We’ll be sharing really fantastic, practical tips on removing wallpaper, choosing the most appropriate paint, picking neutral colors, finding a starting point in a space, and much more.  So take this holiday weekend to do a run through of your house- what areas need some attention?  Make a list and come up with a timeframe for when you can tackle them.  If not now, when?!  I can’t wait to share our adventure with you next week.  Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend, and get on that list!  You’ll thank me later. :)


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