Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Three Cheers for Ted Baker

When it came to decorating the first apartment I rented on my own, I couldn’t seem to get away from a purple color that I’d never really been drawn to in the past.  I made sure it was in the rug in the living room, I bought rolls of fabric in the color to hang on the wall in the dining area, I had to have a matching vase for my bedroom, and the list goes on.  It took me awhile to figure out where on earth I’d developed such a passion for this purple.  The mystery unraveled pretty quickly when I took a good look around the Ted Baker store in what was my local mall at the time (and might I say, the best mall ever).  I made it a point to bring a friend in so she could see how fantastically decorated it was and there was my purple all over the place.  Thankfully I have good subliminal taste, cause that silly sub-conscious of mine did quite a number in the color palate of my apartment.  All that to say, if you’ve never been in a Ted Baker store get there, get there, get there.  They’ll have an impact on you to say the least (and whether you know it or not).  While they don’t actually sell home paraphernalia, they sure do take the time to make their stores interesting and fun.  The décor is always over the top yet their ideas are just do-able enough to keep you up at night.  Click here to find the location closest to your house and pay a visit when you can!  Icing on the cake- their clothes are cute too. 


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