Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Selby

Some strangers are just intriguing, are they not?  I come across people all the time that are just plain interesting to me.  I mean yes, I don’t know them and no, I’m not looking to be their new best friend, but it’s not entirely uncommon for me to make assumptions about their life based on literally no information.  That duo passing by me in Target…are they dating?  Married?  Relatives?  Friends?  If they capture my attention long enough, chances are I’m gonna guess…and maybe take some creative license in my conclusion (i.e.- he secretly loves her and thinks they’re on some sort of date, but she just sees him as a friend).  I came across a website the other day that fed right into this behavior and I’ve gotta tell you, I’m now pretty much obsessed with it.  It’s called The Selby and it gives readers a sneak peek into the lives of particularly interesting strangers (just the type I’d be wondering about) via a few pictures of them in their home.  They feature famous folks, professionally creative geniuses, and anyone else they feel might offer an interesting point of view (decorating or otherwise).  Maybe I’m just nosy, but I’m literally enamored with this website.  Here are a few that jumped out at me, check out the rest by clicking here.

Gerald Decock - hairdresser & visual artist
at his home - New York City - July 12 2010

Lyndsay Caleo - goldsmith and interior designer; and Fitzhugh Karol - 
woodworker and interior designer
at their home - Brooklyn - June 9th 2010

Karl Lagerfeld at his studio in Paris

Sean Macpherson - hotelier
at his home - New York - April 12th 2010

Baby Mary - owner of Faline Tokyo
at her home and her shop - Tokyo - Sept 15 2009

Stefano Tonchi - Editor of T: 
The New York Times Style Magazine 
at his home -  New York City - June 15 2009

Sally Singer - writer, editor and 
Vogue fashion news and features director
at her home - New York City - May 20 2009

Sofia Achaval- stylist; and 
Thibault de Montaigu- author
at their home- Paris- Jan 19 2009

Jacques Grange - interior architect
at his home - 2nd arrondissement Paris - 
Jan 14 2009

Fergus aka Fergadelic - artist; and 
Caroline Smithson - designer and 1/2 of craftwork
at their home - London - Dec 10 2008

Guy Blakeslee - musician and singer for the Entrance Band and Maximilla Lukacs - filmmaker
at their home - Laurel Canyon Los Angeles - 
Dec 8 2008

Chase Cohl - designer, musician and student
at home - Soho New York City - September 27 2008

Krysten Ritter - actress and musician
at home - Silver Lake Los Angeles - August 11 2008


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