Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Love Technology...Always and Forever

When it comes to Mac products, I’m admittedly quick to drink the Koolaid and pine after their latest and greatest technological wonders.  It just so happens that fortune recently smiled on me and my AT&T contract was eligible for an upgrade when the iPhone 4 was released, making me the proud owner of the best…phone…ever.  After getting over the initial shock of how amazing this phone is, I went into a downloading frenzy.  I’ve found quite a few gems, but my favorite thus far is an App called Plethora Design Inspiration Gallery.  If you have an i-anything you should check it out ASAP!  It’s free, so you literally have nothing to loose but the ten seconds it takes to download it.  Plethora provides it’s users access to an extremely extensive image gallery of the most creative graphic design, branding, art and illustration, photography, architecture, and interior design I’ve ever seen.  They hand pick qualified contributors to submit ideas, then review every submission to make sure it meets their standards.  About 19% make the cut and are posted.  In the past week alone over 827 new images were added, so you can count on seeing brand new inspiration every time you open the App.  Seriously…it’s amazing.  If you’re looking for a design concept that’ll make you go ‘whoa’, Plethora has thousands to offer.  I’d go as far as to say that many of their posts are so outside the box they blur the line between reality and design.  Here are just a few of the images and links I found today.  To download this App and check it out for yourself, search for Plethora in the App store or click here.  You’re gonna be amazed at what you’ll find!

Unreasonably expensive ($50,000+!!) but incredibly cool nonetheless.

This converted attic space is located in Spain.  The designer’s use of space interceptions and merging was totally brilliant.  Love it.  

Although initially confused by the physics of this sculpture (how is it standing?!), I was blown away by this disappearing traveler.  Takes the idea of ‘searching for missing pieces’ to a whole new level.

An idea as captivating as it is bizarre.  I was very much intrigued.

99 hand drawn picture frames filled with tributes to NYC.  


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