Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lillian!

I’m a celebrator by nature…I think anything from getting a promotion to finding the perfect shade of lipstick is reason enough to throw a party.  If it’s important to my friends or family, I want to help them celebrate it- but I especially love rejoicing in the things that really matter.  Today is my gorgeous mother’s birthday, which not only gives me the perfect excuse to plan some celebratory activities, but makes me genuinely thankful.  I’m well aware that few people have a Mom as incredible as mine, and I’m grateful for every year the Lord gives her.  Where there is celebration, there is cake…add a little pageantry to your presentation with any of these beautiful cake stands.  

Choose one of these small, medium or large red flint glass cake stands from Neiman Marcus or stack all three for a towering effect.  Purchase them separately for $40, $72, or $90.  

Macy’s carries several chic designs, including these 
porcelain cake stands from the Martha Stewart Collection.  They range in price from $15 through $40, depending on size. 

Believe it or not, this nature inspired cake stand is from Walmart!  At $55, it’s got a big price tag compared to most items in the store, but it really is beautiful hand finished piece.

For a vintage look, check out these Jadeite Glass cake stands.  Prices vary from $40-$80.

Simple but sweet, this small Rosanna Rocco Noir Black cake pedestal is $35.

I went crazy for these antique-looking cake stands from theVictoria Pattern Glass Store...the idea of sharing just one was far too difficult. These’ll cost you quite a bit more than your average cake stand ($100-$300 or more), but they’re so much prettier than your average cake stand it’s actually kinda fair.


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