Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flip the Switch

I once read that a room isn’t made in the first $5,000 spent, but rather in the last $500.  Sure, the couches, drapes and such are a huge part of the room, but if your accessories aren’t on point the space will never reach it’s potential.  There are so many inexpensive finishing touches that fly under the radar…while they’re not essential to the room, they do add quite a bit when incorporated correctly.  Take for example light switch plates…sure, the white ones the builder installed in your house a decade ago do their job just fine- but what if you could find one that would add instead of merely blend in?  Even custom light switch plates are inexpensive, and there’s a big enough niche market that you can literally find any size, shape or design you can imagine.  Here are a few lively choices that would brighten up any room.    

The print on 
this switch was taken from a wallpaper design from the 1930’s.  Like most of the switches below, it ranges from $15 to $20 depending on size.

To add some rustic charm to a space, look for something like this Recycled Slate switch plate.  It was created from old roofing tiles made of authentic Vermont slate, which means it’s eco-friendly and one of a kind.

If you want to upgrade your shabby space to “shabby chic”, these handmade
 copper switch plates are a great place to start. 

Add a little something to your kitchen with hand painted ceramiccutlery switch plates...they’re adorable, are they not? 

These mirrored switch plates are made of real glass, and are one of the more versatile of the bunch.  Use them to dress up any room in your house.

If you love the middle-eastern-influenced style of Pier 1, try incorporating these 
Henna switch plates.  Their rich jewel tones and bold designs convey a fun, ethnic flair.

Add a little exotic wood to the mix with this Zebrawood switch plate.  It’s a beautiful finish and could easily compliment many different style homes.

This plate is made from a George Barbier illustration from the 1920’s...very Great Gatsby.  It would make a great finishing touch to an Art Deco space.

Since Anthropologie is the cute hardware central, I had to check out what they had to offer.  These whitewashed iron plates caught my eye right away- they’re crazy adorable.


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