Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Discovering Etsy: Part 1

If you have an appreciation for anything unique, vintage, hand-made, antique or one-of-a-kind, than you need to visit Etsy and you need to visit fast.  I spent quite a bit of time exploring their site today and could’ve explored for hours more…I honestly think I came across no less than 100 fabulous pieces.  I’m gonna try and pace myself and share a few now and a few more every so often- the sheer amount of finds is overwhelming!  Today’s post highlights a classic Etsy concept- brightly colored, high-gloss lacquer on any and everything. 

Add some sunshine to any room with this yellow wall sconce... and it’s less than $50!

Five decorative pieces.  Gorgeous color.  Beautiful Style.  $26 total. We’re talking deal of the century, right here.

For a pretty vintage chandelier that won’t cost an arm and a leg, check out this scarlet colored beauty.  She’s yours for $100.

I saw this lime frame and couldn’t help but smile- buy it for $33 and surround your favorite 8x10 picture with a cheer-fest of grand proportions.

Use this bright lavender lamp to provide an unexpected pop of color.  It’s $12 people...this is what I’m talking about- Etsy is unreal!

This berry pink owl statue is the type of thing you can buy from Urban Outfitters for $60, or on Etsy for $10 (which is the actual going rate for this particular feathered friend).  Your call.

Of all the pieces I shared today, I’m thinking this mirror takes the cake.  The rich plum color gives this 16x24 baroque style piece of work an edge.  The mere $80 price tag is pretty impressive, as well.


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