Wednesday, November 20, 2013

3 Ideas

1. Make Funfetti something...Funfetti pancakes, Funfetti Rice Krispy treats, Funfetti cupcakes, Funfetti anything will do (fun is baked right into the name, what could go wrong?).  Add extra sprinkles just because.

2. Do something active that doesn't make you wish you were dead...for example, dance up a storm, go rollerskating or pay your local trampoline gym a visit (oh, it's a real thing my friend.  Google it...).

3. Go to an arcade.  Seriously!  Dave and Busters is a good time and I'm not ashamed to say it (also, I dug up this coupon in case you want to take me up on the idea).  I went with a small group of friends twice in the last year and laughed so hard I thought I was gonna be sick on both occasions.  Race cars, shoot zombies, win tickets, just generally go nuts.


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