Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Foodie Files

I made a few minor changes to The Foodie Files, though most weeks you'll still find a test kitchened recipe here.  From time to time I'll also feature some of the snacks and treats I'm currently fixated on (like the post below)...and I may even throw in the occasional restaurant review.  Though the general focus on delicious food will stay the same, I'm excited to have a few more options to share.

1. Trader Joe's Beurre Meuniere Popcorn- Check out this flavor combination: browned butter, lemon, parsley, and thyme.  On popcorn!  Maybe I ate the whole bag in one sitting.  It's possible that happened. 

2. Starbucks' Double Short Mocha- If you've never heard of the "short" size at Starbucks, might I suggest you try it at your earliest convenience.  It's smaller than a tall, though you won't find it advertised on any menu.  The extra shot of espresso makes the chocolate to coffee ratio both perfectly sweet and strong.

3. Pomegranate- My very favorite fruit...delicious, nutritious and finally in season!  

4. Trader Joe's Pumpkin Bread Pudding- Not so much a snack as it was a tasty dessert.  I ate a good amount of this with some butter pecan ice cream the other night and it was incredible!


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