Friday, December 7, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Perfect Gentleman

I know you've got a few gentleman in your life...Dads, brothers, boyfriends, husbands...somebody on your list that's begging (possibly literally) for a cool, guy-friendly present.  I rounded up a few ideas that at least merit a good ponder.  Among my favorites: the WiFi hotspot cufflinks that are straight James Bond, the flask with a cigar holder and the tobacco and leather scented candle.  There's quite a range of price points represented here, so hopefully you find something you love.  Only 18 shopping days left *cue panic*!

1. Laptop Messenger Bag, ONA $269  2. Flask with Cigar Holder, Wantful $26  3. Hyper Charged Ball, SkyBall $8.50  4. Hand Painted Book Cover, Etsy $50  5. Do It Yourself Guitar Pick Punch, ThinkGeek $25  6. 2GB USB WiFi Hotspot Cufflinks, $250  7. iPieces iPad Game, Urban Outfitters $15  8. Tobacco and Leather Scented Candle, Mr. Porter $85


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