Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gift Guide: Lovely Ladies

I broke our Ladies Gift Guide down into two's is for the chic, sophisticated women in your life, tomorrows is a little more relaxed and fun.  I sprinkled a few aspirational presents in there, but there's some practical gems too.  And I couldn't resist throwing a Jadeite plate fact: collecting them is on my bucket list.  

1. Jadeite Plate, Fishs Eddy $16.95  2. Glass Turquoise Necklace, Siman Tu $700  3. Metallic Leather iPhone Case, Anthropologie $38  4. 100 Years of Fashion, Amazon $25.31  5. Crystal Embellished Leather Gloves, Valentino $745  6. Crystal Necklace, Kate Spade $278  7. Marbled Latte Mug, LEIF $20  8. Nars Nail Polish, Sephora $18


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