Friday, October 26, 2012

Working For The Weekend

I can't tell you how relieved I am to not have to dance around shop news anymore.  It's fabulous.  To that end, we're having a family and friends work day this Saturday that I'm so pumped about.  By the time we're done I doubt I'll recognize the place!  It won't exactly be the restful weekend we're all dreaming of but I think it might actually be better...and if not better, certainly more productive.  Thanks in advance to everyone who's signed up to help.  It's no secret that I think the people in my life are the best in the world and here they go proving me right again.  Enjoy the links, everyone!  See you Monday!

Want, want, want...

Never heard of most of these but I'd love to try them!

On my immediate To Buy list....

Mmm...sounds good...

If you don't laugh at these pictures, you're probably dead inside.

Weird but cool.

If at any point I knew this existed, I forgot.


Olivia said...

Good luck this weekend!!

Those Whimsy & Spice treats look AMAZING. Need them now!

xo Olivia
go for the glam

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