Friday, October 19, 2012

Working For The Weekend

I'm just beside myself with gratitude this week.  Honestly.  Of the many things I'm feeling thankful for, there's two that just begged to be shared.  1) My brother's band, Dinner and a Suit, broke into the top 100 on iTunes last night!  Last I checked their song, Where We Started, was sitting pretty at #74 on the pop charts.  Is that not amazing?  I mean, to some extent it's not surprising because they're unbelievable, but seriously!  I'm so proud I could explode and I know this is just the beginning for's a really surreal feeling.  2) After weeks of hinting about it, I can finally tell you my big surprise this Monday!  I know, you thought I made it up didn't you?  Well it's real.  And awesome.  And I can hardly wait to hear what you think about it.  Have the best weekend and enjoy the links!

This sounds delicious!

Pretty neat.

One of my favorite free events in Nashville...

I know I'm not the only one who had (okay, has) a rock collection...

Trying it.

Why do I think this is so fun?

Mark your calendars!

Really adorable idea.


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